Raw Bar in Melbourne

The next time you’re in Florida, don’t skip going to the Melbourne area. There is plenty to do and even more to see and it is truly a nice place. We would know, we set up shop here about four decades ago and we’re still here. Melbourne is near Indiatlantic, the beachside sliver of land. All you have to do to get here from Indiatlantic is cross the bridge (or take a boat). Once you’re on Paradise Beach keep an eye out for Bunky’s Raw Bar. That would be us. Read more

A Nice Cold Beer on a Beach Day

There you are strolling down the beach and as your walk gets longer you are definitely getting thirstier. Boy, what you wouldn’t give to find a bar on Paradise Beach where you could stop and quench your thirst. Then in the distance you see what looks like a bar and the sign says… Bunky’s? It must be a mirage, no one would name a bar Bunky’s. But as you get closer you see that not only would someone name a bar Bunky’s, but someone did. Read more

Raw Bars are the Best

When you think of a raw bar, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Shellfish shooters? We’ll bet it isn’t Bunky’s, unless of course, you’ve been here before. Yes, that’s the name of the best raw bar next to Paradise Beach, Bunky’s Raw Bar. See, you know it’s a raw bar because it says so in the name. Clever isn’t it? So what is a raw bar? Is that where one goes to get steak tartare? No, it is not. Read more

How About a Great Seafood Dinner?

Whether you like it raw or cooked, Bunky’s Raw Bar has the dinner dish for you. Let’s face it. When you hang outside all day you get hungry. If you are on vacation in Melbourne, Florida it is a given that you’ll hit Paradise Beach. Between swimming in the ocean and walking on the beach, you’ll work up a powerful thirst and a huge appetite. When you do, you will want dinner and you’ll want it in a place that is casual and close to the beach. That’s where we come in. Read more

What Does Florida Mean to You?

Florida means different things to different people. For some it is where they live so it means their family, their job, their home. But for those that don’t live here it can mean a lot of different things. Words that come to mind first are sun and fun, and that’s it isn’t really? We have sun, we have fun and the places our visitors come from probably only have one of the two and that would be fun. We don’t believe Florida has a monopoly on the sun, but we do know that we are most certainly known for it. Read more

Looking for a Whiskey Bar?

When you go to Florida on vacation you can find your hotel and the beach, but how do you know where to find good places to go to eat or drink? Would you be able to find a good whiskey bar? Yes, the hotel has brochures and makes recommendations, but are they pointing you to places that the locals go to or the tourists go to? And which spot would you prefer to visit? Read more

Sports Bar Anyone?

It doesn’t matter if you are on vacation the one thing that never stops is sports. Yep, your favorite sports team is bound to play while you are on vacation and you don’t want to miss it, but you don’t know where to go to watch it. Well, we have a suggestion for that, why not stroll on over to Bunky’s Raw Bar. Yes, we did say raw bar, but don’t let the name fool you. We serve cooked food, raw food, seafood and land animal food. What? We serve burgers and chicken wings. But for you and your dilemma, we serve all of that in the company of 15 HD TVs tuned to sports programming all day every day. Read more

Brunch on Paradise Beach Anyone?

It’s the weekend and you’re in Florida. Not just anywhere in Florida, you are in Melbourne, Florida. What is so great about Melbourne? Well Paradise Beach is one great plus it has. Paradise Beach is like being in Paradise. Why do you think we opened our raw bar here? There’s a raw bar here? Yes, there is, right across the street from the beach. Welcome to Bunky’s Raw Bar. Read more

Paradise Beach Raw Bar

If you come to Melbourne, Florida you know you will visit Paradise Beach. When you do, you know that at some point you will want to get something to eat and drink. You are in Florida after all, you have to have a tropical drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It just wouldn’t be a trip to Florida if you didn’t. The other grand thing about Florida is the coast. And Bunky’s Raw Bar is right there, on the coast, just waiting for you to have to “wet” your whistle. Read more

Fresh Seafood Anyone?

People who live on the coast have a great advantage over people who do not. What could that advantage be, you may ask? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? We get fresh seafood! Sure, the center of the country can get fresh seafood, but it’s quite pricey for them. Many restaurants there serve frozen seafood. It tastes ok but it is nothing like the flavor you get from a fresh catch. Oddly, not every restaurant in Melbourne, Florida guarantees fresh seafood, but here at Bunky’s Raw Bar we always serve fresh from the sea, seafood. Believe us, you can taste the difference. Read more