Sports Bar Anyone?

It doesn’t matter if you are on vacation the one thing that never stops is sports. Yep, your favorite sports team is bound to play while you are on vacation and you don’t want to miss it, but you don’t know where to go to watch it. Well, we have a suggestion for that, why not stroll on over to Bunky’s Raw Bar. Yes, we did say raw bar, but don’t let the name fool you. We serve cooked food, raw food, seafood and land animal food. What? We serve burgers and chicken wings. But for you and your dilemma, we serve all of that in the company of 15 HD TVs tuned to sports programming all day every day.

We’re Open for Everything from Brunch to Late-Night Options!
Yes, Bunky’s is open seven days a week from 11:30 am to 10 pm. Those hours would pretty much cover just about any big game you would want to watch won’t it? Of course it will. We work at it. We make sure we put the best sports programming we can find on our spectacularly large TVs. You can see all of the action and while you’re thinking of your pals sitting in a bar in the cold northern climes, you can watch your big game, sip on a Florida cocktail creation, eat spectacular seafood (or chicken wings if you are a traditionalist) and keep your view of the beach and all that is on it.

Come See Us for Game Time
While you watch the game, may we suggest you take a picture of your surroundings and text it to your friends back home. Nothing will make them more jealous than seeing you, sitting in a bar with a view of Paradise Beach, eating oysters (or chicken wings) and drinking some of the best alcoholic concoctions we can come up with. We’d suggest you try them all but we also prefer that you don’t try them all in one day. It really wouldn’t be healthy for you.

Once you have your food, your drink and are enjoying the game you will have time to reflect on what a great idea this vacation was. You will probably decide, after tasting our fantastic food that you would like to do this again sometime. We think that’s a great idea. Everyone deserves a vacation and we are always happy to see our friends from the cold, northern reaches of our great country enjoying the sun and fun we have here in Florida.

Brunch on Paradise Beach Anyone?

It’s the weekend and you’re in Florida. Not just anywhere in Florida, you are in Melbourne, Florida. What is so great about Melbourne? Well Paradise Beach is one great plus it has. Paradise Beach is like being in Paradise. Why do you think we opened our raw bar here? There’s a raw bar here? Yes, there is, right across the street from the beach. Welcome to Bunky’s Raw Bar.

Bunky’s Raw Bar Is a Brunch Staple in Melbourne, Florida

Bunky’s Raw Bar has been here for decades. We have visitors to our establishment that remember us from when they were stationed at the Air Force Base decades ago. That is how memorable we are. And what else is so memorable about us? We serve brunch. Yep, bet you haven’t heard that word in a long time. Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. So what does that mean exactly?

What it means is that from 11 – 2 on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), we have a special menu just for that time period and that menu includes breakfast food, with our own twist of course. If you like Belgian Waffles, we have them. If you prefer pancakes we have them as well.

For those of you who prefer eggs, do try our lobster omelet. Where can you get a lobster omelet, anywhere near your house? If you have a really good appetite, you can try our eight egg omelet. Yes, you read that right, eight eggs. Don’t ask us how but people finish the whole thing. A lot of people at Bunky’s join the clean plate club. Perhaps you would prefer eggs Benedict, served over a crab cake as a variation on the theme.

We Also Have Lunch Items

If you prefer lunch food not to worry. That’s the beautiful thing about brunch – it offers both. So what can you get that looks more like lunch? Well, you can have fried chicken fingers with biscuits and gravy, a traditional southern favorite. Or you can have that Belgian Waffle with chicken fingers on top!

Yes, we serve our oyster shooter drink with the brunch menu so if you prefer your seafood with a little alcohol, have at it. We’re ready for you. Regardless of what you choose to eat, our standard menu kicks in after 2 pm so you can just stick around and wait for the standard fare if you like. We would be glad to have you anytime.

Paradise Beach Raw Bar

If you come to Melbourne, Florida you know you will visit Paradise Beach. When you do, you know that at some point you will want to get something to eat and drink. You are in Florida after all, you have to have a tropical drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. It just wouldn’t be a trip to Florida if you didn’t. The other grand thing about Florida is the coast. And Bunky’s Raw Bar is right there, on the coast, just waiting for you to have to “wet” your whistle. A Raw

Bar Serves More Than Just Drinks

We aren’t just a bar, we are a raw bar. For you novices, that means we serve raw shellfish like oysters and clams. It isn’t all we serve but it is how we started in the restaurant business four decades ago. We are a staple in the Indiatlantic area. We are located across the street from Paradise Beach which makes our casual ambience perfect for the beachgoer who just wants to sit and sip a drink or have a little snack. They say location is everything and it is. What a great view we have.

When Bunky’s started forty years ago, it was just a raw bar. It survived because of the quality of the food, service and staff. Bunky’s service is good and our staff is friendly. We want you to return and we work to make your visit the best it can be, every time.

Our Customers Are Our Family

We found out early on in our existence that if you succeed in making the customer’s experience good in every way, you are more likely to keep that customer, and that customer is more likely to tell their friends and family. This has been the standard to which Bunky’s Raw Bar has operated since its inception and it has worked. We have a loyal patronage among the residents and we have visitors that stop in every time they are in Melbourne, Florida. We welcome each and every one of you and are grateful for your loyalty.

Aside from being conveniently located, don’t let the word “bar” in the name give you the wrong impression. Bunky’s Raw Bar is a family-friendly restaurant. We have a menu especially for kids because they aren’t always so fond of raw bar fare. For the kids we have your standard cheeseburger, a mini-cheese pizza, fried clam strips, fried shrimp, corn dogs or chicken fingers. And yes, it’s affordable. Kid’s meals are $5 and come with fries.

Fresh Seafood Anyone?

People who live on the coast have a great advantage over people who do not. What could that advantage be, you may ask? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? We get fresh seafood! Sure, the center of the country can get fresh seafood, but it’s quite pricey for them. Many restaurants there serve frozen seafood. It tastes ok but it is nothing like the flavor you get from a fresh catch. Oddly, not every restaurant in Melbourne, Florida guarantees fresh seafood, but here at Bunky’s Raw Bar we always serve fresh from the sea, seafood. Believe us, you can taste the difference.

Bunky’s Raw Bar Has Changed Over the Years
We started out as a raw bar, serving only raw seafood. Now if we served raw seafood that wasn’t fresh, do you think we would have stayed in business for forty years? Probably not. Yet that’s how long we’ve been a fixture on Paradise Beach. Over the years we have expanded our fare to include cooked seafood and not just raw seafood. But we have always served fresh seafood.

What kind of fresh seafood can you get at Bunky’s Raw Bar? Well, we’ll tell you. If you like crustaceans or shellfish we have them, and they are fresh. Better yet, we have them raw or cooked. Want raw oysters or clams, we have them. If you prefer lobster or mussels, we have them too. And yes, we can serve you crab and shrimp as well.

Perhaps crustaceans and shellfish aren’t your passion. When you think of fresh seafood, you think of fish. Well don’t fret because steps from Paradise Beach you can stop in and get that fish you wanted. We have tuna. We have cod. We can make you a mean Mahi-Mahi or perhaps you have a taste for salmon or grouper. Our seafood is so fresh we only serve whitefish on select days. Other varieties are added to our daily fresh fish lineup so be sure to ask your server for the fresh fish of the day.

Once you have settled on your fresh seafood feel free to take a peek at our drink menu. You’ll find some fruity twists on old favorites and some new creations our mixologists have put together. We also have an extensive beer selection for you to choose from. Next time you’re at Paradise Beach and you decide to get some relief from the sun, walk across the street to Bunky’s. Our casual atmosphere and great food and drink will bring you back again and again.