Fishing in Florida

Bunky's serves you the best seafood in Brevard County. Many people know this. We offer plenty of fresh catch and raw oysters. Some folks like to reel in their own catch and cook it at home. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Best Time of Year to Fish

Well, it's Florida, so you can go fishing all year long. But things really heat up for fishermen between the months of May and September. The fish are reproducing and consuming as much food as they will all year during these months. So, naturally your bait has a better chance at being consumed, hook and all.

Best Fishing in Florida

This is open to some debate. Of course we have good fishing right here in Brevard County. Have you ever hung out at the end of the Sebastian Inlet Pier? You can see them reeling in big ones all day long. It really is exciting if you are into fishing. You will feel yourself wanting to grab a fishing rod and cast out a line.

The internet consensus for the best fishing in Florida is Destin. If you don't already know, Destin is up in the panhandle. It has a very unique set up. There is a bay with a peninsula on the other side. Fresh water empties into the bay which is brackish water. Go a little further out and you have salt water catch just waiting for you. The Gulf of Mexico is chock full of fish. It's a very fertile body of water.


If you are a fisherman or are looking to get into fishing, get familiar with your local waters and get good at fishing those. Then when you are ready take a trip to a bay city, like Destin, to test your game. You may have the fishing time of your life.