More About Gulf Oysters

Available every day and just a buck a piece on Tuesdays after 4pm. If you follow Bunky's on social media, then you know we love our gulf oysters. But why do we love them so much? Here is a list of reasons:

1. Nearby – The Gulf of Mexico is right on the other side of our state. This means the supply is close and shipping is cheaper.

2. Delicious – Gulf oysters are very tasty and some folks even call them their very favorite oyster.

3. Plentiful – The coast of the Gulf of Mexico is very long (1,680 miles on the U.S. section to be exact). This makes for plenty of oysters.

4. Affordable – Gulf oysters are the most affordable oyster on the market.  You can get this delicacy every week, or every day for that matter, and not break the bank. 

Gulf oysters are spawned in summer months. This means that the oysters are most plentiful and best to eat in the fall, winter and spring months. 

Tuesday's Gulf Oyster Special

On Tuesdays we run a gulf oyster special. They are just a buck a piece. Come in any time after 4pm and get this special price. Get a nice cold pitcher of beer and a dozen oysters to make your afternoon that much better.

How to Eat

Some people like to use the tiny fork to pick them out of the shell and eat them. While others like to loosen the oyster, tilt their head back and send it down the hatch.

Most people like to put a little bit of a condiment on their oyster. People use horseradish, lemon, salt and even Tabasco or other types of hot sauce. Whatever topping you can add to give your oyster the perfect amount of flavor.

Whatever your preference, we can provide it for you. If you are in Brevard County, come on over to Bunky's on the Beach and enjoy some delicious food.